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China blog – China is a very important market for you.  China’s economy is the second largest in the world.  China is the world’s largest exporter and its second-largest importer.

Therefore, both inbound and outbound opportunities present itself for cooperation between Chinese and EU businesses, governments and research institutions.

We provide relevant information about to professionals doing business with China.  We focus on China business, economics, science/technology and culture. This way we hope to contribute to your understanding of Chinese market. We cover a wide variety topics to support you.

Top sectors

Companies active in the European creative sector have many opportunities in the Chinese market. The Chinese creative sector is important in contributing to the transition from “made in China” to “designed in China”. Read more

China is the largest consumer and producer of energy in the world. There are opportunities in many areas such as in the further developent of sustainable energy solutions. Read more

High Tech
Innovation is needed by Chinese organisations in order to become more competitive and grow. The development of new technology is often expensive and it requires specialised knowledge. Read more

Life sciences
The Chinese market for life sciences is growing die the aging of the Chinese population, the increase of certain diseases and medical innovations. The appear to be many areas of working closely your Chinese counterparts or potential clients. Read more

Interesting markets

Inbound opportunities (from China to Europe)

Outbound opportunities

Our posts are short and to the point and focus on providing facts and figures so you can make up your own mind. We publish summaries of relevant information from both Chinese and Western sources.

Bright future
It is expected that China and Europe will increase cooperation in investment and trade and there is already a discussion about the feasibility of a free-trade agreement between China and Europe. This translates to opportunities for European and Chinese companies and organisations.

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